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We buy DUKWS in any condition. If you locate a DUKW for sale and we buy it, we will pay you a finders fee.

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We can supply parts to keep your DUKW's running well.
Have a DUKW restored to your specifications.

We do complete DUKW restorations making it ready for amphibious operation.

We can make it for commercial Duck tours or as it was originally used in WWII.
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DUKW Restoration.

We at Chicago Dukws do everything from minor repairs to complete restorations. The photos below show a Dukw in the process of being re-skinned.

We carry many NOS parts that we use in our restorations. We can make your Dukw ready for commercial duck tour operations or just as it was originally when it was used in WWII or the Korean war.

If you only need certain  components restored we can do that also. We have a full machine shop on site.

If you want to keep your Dukw looking original but want to bring it up to more modern safety standards we can make recommendations on those conversions. One of the more popular upgrades is converting the electrical system to run on 12 Volts.

This allows you to use current marine lighting and navigation equipment including electric bilge pumps in your Dukw. Most of these modifications do not distract from the original look if done correctly.

If you are using your Dukw for commercial "Duck Tours" then you may need it to be modified to meet current U.S. Coast Guard specifications. We can help you out with this as well.
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