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We have lots of dukws and lots of NOS dukw parts.

If you need parts for your dukw contact us we may have it.

What you see here is just a small sample of the dukw parts we have in stock.

We also have a full machine shop that can restore or rebuild your old worn componets.
Check with us before your throw out a rare dukw part. It may be re-buildable.

Dukw Parts Prices
Partial list as of March 2019

NOTE: Although we do get new stock in from time to time.
Some items listed here are of a limited quantity and may not be replenished once the stock is depleted, simply because they no longer exist.
When there gone they're gone! If you need something DON'T WAIT!

Take out  intermediate axle assy with brake drums Genuine DUKW                        CALL
Take out transfer cases                                                                                       CALL
USED Combat Rim                                                                                            100.00
Used Winch                                                                                                       800.00
NOS Rear wheel Cylinders (barrel only)                                                            40.00
Used Air Hub (tire Inflator)                                                                                    CALL
NOS Front Hub oil Seal         (some may have surface rust)                                    45.00
NOS Front Hub oil Seal         Still wrapped in original packing                                 65.00
NOS Hub nut wrench original DUKW stores in under hood bracket                           85.00
Used steel floor grates         (air intake behind cab) each section                           CALL
NOS Exhaust Manifold for GMC 302 Can be modified for dukw 270                        180.00
NOS Rear brake drum mounted on hub                                                             CALL
NOS Dash board tire pressure gauge (mud, hwy, coral)                                          55.00
NOS TIRES 11:00-18 Goodyear or Denman      6 ply                                            150.00
USED TIRES 11:00-18 6 ply                                                                                25.00
NOS Starter                                                                                                       CALL
NOS Gas filler cap                                                                                              25.00
NOS Rear brake shoe adjusting ring that turns brake adjuster                                  5.00
NOS Front Motor mount (rubber only, fits under timing cover)                                  CALL
NOS Rear Motor mount (one on each side of bell housing)                                         CALL


NOS DUKW DRAG LINK ASSY                                                                         275.00
NOS Dukw drag link rebuild kit                                                                            75.00
NOS Front axle CV joint Ball kit (4 large balls)                                                     195.00
NOS Front leaf spring rear shackle pin                                                                  45.00
NOS Front leaf spring front shackle pin                                                                 45.00
NOS Combat Rim Replacement stud (holds outer ring to rim)                                   5.00
NEW PRODUCTION Drive shaft bellows seal Bulkhead side                                 395.00
NEW PRODUCTION Drive shaft bellows seal Differential side                                395.00
NOS Steering sector W/ pulley for rudder control NOS IN CRATE                5,500.00
Original DUKW Anchor                                                                                    2,500.00
NOS radiator FAN (DUKW reverse flow)                                                               125.00
NOS Front brake drum on  hub                                                                       165.00
Used Front Surf Board                                                                                       500.00
Used Fender Skirt Front                                                                                    150.00
Used Fender Skirt Rear                                                                                     200.00
Pillow Block assy. Take out AS IS                                                                     500.00
Pillow Block assy Rebuilt                                                                                  950.00
NOS Pillow Block assy                                                                                      CALL

NOS Speedometer Gears for transfer case. Both gears.
      (These are usually striped causing the speedo to not work.)                                 75.00
NOS GEARS for Transmission, Transfer Case or Water Transfer Case                   CALL

This is only a partial list of dukw parts. Call for your needs
  847-298-1504 Ask for Hank


Also have DUKWs available. All different conditions.
Prices subject to change with out notice.

DUKW Parts note:

NOS means New Old Stock. The part is un-used. It may or may not be wrapped in the original packages.

Take Out or Used means it was removed from a vehicle and the part is used.

New Production means that the part is a reproduction and may not match the original exactly.

Brake adjuster ring
that turns brake adjuster.
Drive Shaft bellows seals
Front spring assy
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